The Power of Marketing in Scaling Your SaaS Business

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The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, thanks to the ever-evolving needs of businesses to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and lower costs. With the rapid expansion of the market, SaaS companies must now find [...]

The Rise of SaaS and B2B: How Cloud-Based Technology is Revolutionizing Business Operations

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If you’re running a business, you might have heard about SaaS or B2B. These are both types of technology that are becoming more and more popular because they help businesses to work better and more efficiently. Software as a [...]

The Win-Win of Investors Acquiring Your Business: Unlocking Growth Potential

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The decision to bring an investor on board who acquires your already formed business can be a game-changer for your company's growth trajectory. While some entrepreneurs may be hesitant to cede control or ownership, the reality is that the [...]

Kevin Petersen Named Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2023 by Pinnacle Tech Insights

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Kevin Petersen, CEO of Growth Stack Inc., has been named as part of Pinnacle Tech Insights' Top 10 Admired Leaders. Petersen was also featured in an article in Pinnacle Tech Insights magazine. Read the full article here. [...]

The World of SAAS in the Ever-Changing Business World

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The business world of today occurs in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. With new technologies emerging, digital trends developing rapidly, and customer habits changing faster than anticipated, staying up to date with business changes can be overwhelming. Thankfully, SAAS [...]

Kevin Peterson’s Journey: Driving Growth and Innovation in the SAS Industry with Growth Stack Inc.

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Check out this article from Ver Tech featuring Kevin Petersen, Growth Stack Inc CEO: In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, one entrepreneur stands out for his relentless drive and commitment to helping businesses achieve growth and success. [...]

Kevin Petersen Featured in Article by Inform Too

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Growth Stack Inc CEO, Kevin Petersen, was featured in an article from Inform Too: Kevin Peterson’s Journey in the SAS Industry: From Startup to IPO In this article, we explore Kevin Peterson’s impressive journey in the staffing industry and [...]

Growth Stack Inc. stands at the forefront of AI innovation

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Check out this article from Business World featuring Growth Stack Inc: Growth Stack Inc. is pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital era through initiatives in innovation, transformation and customer success. Through their initiatives, they are quickly establishing themselves [...]

Growth Stack Inc.: Empowering Techpreneurs and Driving SaaS Growth

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Check out this article from Techno Tricks featuring Growth Stack: In the fast-paced world of B2B SaaS, Growth Stack Inc. has emerged as a key player, providing opportunities for techpreneurs across the globe. With a focus on accelerating growth [...]

Driving Innovation Through Strategic Partnerships: Growth Stack Inc.’s Approach

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Check out this article from The Techrim featuring Growth Stack Inc. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, driving innovation and staying ahead of the competition are key priorities for companies across industries. One effective strategy that many successful organizations embrace [...]

Unleashing the Power of SaaS: How Growth Stack Inc. Empowers Entrepreneurs to Reach New Heights

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Check out this article from SolutionHow featuring Growth Stack The world of Software as a Service (SaaS) has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with entrepreneurs worldwide developing innovative solutions in fintech, ad-tech, and productivity software. However, many SaaS products outgrow [...]

Adopting Proactive Monitoring And Maintenance

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Check out this article from NanoBizTech Adopting Proactive Monitoring And Maintenance for Mission-Critical Software Solutions :In today’s fast-paced digital world, organizations across various sectors rely on mission-critical software solutions to ensure their operations run smoothly and efficiently. These high-stakes applications play [...]

Long Tail Pro was Featured in a Podcast with FirstPrinciples Growth

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Check out this podcast with FirstPrinciples Growth featuring Dave Valentine of Long Tail Pro, a Growth Stack SaaS product. Here is a short excerpt from the podcast transcript: Will integrating products like ChatGPT into Long Tail Pro enhance user [...]

Effective Management Strategies for B2B SaaS Companies – 2023 Guide

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Check out this article from Selfoy Managing a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) company is no easy feat. It requires business owners to stay on top of their game, making sure their software product is reliable and meets [...]

Growth Stack Featured In The Silicon Review – 30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2023

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We are excited to share that Growth Stack Inc has been featured in The Silicon Review as one of the 30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2023. Here is the link to the article featuring Growth Stack Found [...]

7 supply chain technologies that deliver competitive advantage

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Check out this article from Digital Global Times As Kevin Petersen of Growth Stack Inc. affirms, There’s been a lot of attention on supply chain and supply chain inefficiency in the last couple years. It’s in the media. Most people have some awareness [...]

Growth Stack Featured In Digital First Magazine A 10 Most Innovative Companies of the Year 2023

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We are excited to share that Growth Stack Inc has been featured in Digital First Magazine as one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies of the Year 2023. Here is a link to the article: https://www.digitalfirstmagazine.com/growth-stack-inc-providing-opportunities-for-techpreneurs-across-the-globe/ Here is the printed [...]

LTV-Based Acquisition: How AI Empowers Marketing and Growth Teams

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Check out this article in TechBullion: Lifetime Value (LTV) is a critical metric for companies looking to acquire and retain customers. LTV helps companies determine the worth of a client over the course of their relationship with the business. [...]

Business Growth in the Modern Age: 7 Ways Software Solutions Can Help

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Check out this article in Tech Magazines: Business Growth in the Modern Age: 7 Ways Software Solutions Can Help Here is a snippet of the article: With increased competition, businesses must use whatever tools at their disposal to grow. [...]

How to Know When You Should Start Working for Yourself – It’s a Simple Calculation

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There are many people out there who have always wanted to be their own boss. Thanks to the internet and the vast capabilities of technology, it is now easier than any other time in history to do just [...]

10 Digital Marketing Strategies That Involve SaaS Solutions

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When it comes to devising effective digital marketing strategies, creativity and a whole lot of research are always the best way to go. SaaS solutions are tools to make your life easier, so you should use them as such. Considering [...]

Picreel, has added 2-way CRM integration

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Online PR News – RENO, NV – Conversion rate optimization (CRO) software company, Picreel, has added 2-way CRM integration to their exit intent popup and native ad software. The addition allows Picreel users to personalize their targeted ads even [...]

Picreel And Zapier Team Up To Deliver Complete Internet Marketing And Task Management Solutions

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The two platforms work hand-in-hand to connect apps and automate workflows, sending new leads gathered through Picreel to Zapier apps that manage workflow. Online PR News – 19-December-2016 – RENO, NV – Picreel and Zapier have aligned their services [...]

Picreel Launches New Quick Start Program For Simple And Fast Set Up Of CRO Campaigns

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The program allows users to try conversion rate optimization and start capturing conversions with little upfront investment and within minutes of set up. Online PR News – 19-December-2016 – Reno, NV – Ad-tech company, Picreel, has announced a quick [...]

Picreel Offers Managed Plan Option For Professional CRO Marketing Results Without The Stress

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The new managed plan option is ideal for businesses new to CRO or for those that don't have the resources to develop a comprehensive CRO marketing strategy. Online PR News – 09-December-2016 – Reno, NV – Conversion rate optimization [...]

Private Equity Firm Webfolio Management acquires conversion rate optimization software co. Picreel

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The acquisition adds another valuable product to the Webfolio umbrella to boost clients' growth and ROI. Online PR News – 12-April-2016 – Reno, NV – Webfolio Management Inc. announces its acquisition of ad-tech company PicReel.com for an undisclosed sum. [...]

Webfolio Management buys press release distributor Online PR Media

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Webfolio Management Inc. adds press release distribution platform, Online PR Media, to its suite of B2B service offerings. Online PR Media founders Tara Geissinger and Christine O'Kelly will continue to guide growth for the Webfolio team in a consulting [...]

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