10 Digital Marketing Strategies That Involve SaaS Solutions

When it comes to devising effective digital marketing strategies, creativity and a whole lot of research are always the best way to go. SaaS solutions are tools to make your life easier, so you should use them as such. Considering how much data users produce on a daily basis, it would be impossible to handle them the old fashioned way. So, the sooner you start benefiting from SaaS tools, the faster your business will grow. Below, Cristopher Burge (a passionate full-time writer and also the editor of Cloud Storage 101) outlines 10 digital marketing strategies that involve SaaS solutions.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies that involve SaaS Solutions

1.    Attract New Customers Via Multiple Channels

Millennials are usually the ones you think of when you think of multi-channel marketing strategies. But the truth is, social media is not just for the young. Statistics show that nearly 75% of all the adults who go online use social media as well. So, you should use this as an opportunity to target more customers by spreading out your content.

Using multiple channels at once can be very tiring, and very costly if you’re going to hire people to manage these platforms. SaaS can do that for you. These automated solutions can drastically reduce costs, and handle the data flow much more efficiently than a person could. The IBM ExperienceOne Suite is one such solution that can help you manage your marketing campaigns and streamline your workflow and communication between multiple departments.

2.    Create Unique Content

Customers need a value proposition when they decide to buy a product or a service. They need to know why they should buy this product, and more importantly why they should buy it from you. Producing content can help you answer these questions for them. For this strategy to be effective, however, you need to create a lot of it, and it needs to be effective.

There are plenty of programs that can help you find ways to deliver content that works, in the sense that it sends the right message to the right people, like HubSpot. This way, you can focus on producing more, while having a firm framework in place.

3.    Segmenting Your Audience

Not all people are alike, and a truly productive digital strategy cannot appeal to everyone, all the time, in the same way. There are online services that can assist you in segmenting your customer base so that you can produce content, ads, and offers that are more suited to their specific interest and needs. One of the most popular ones is TargetEveryOne. This program helps you interpret data regarding your customer segments, and plan out your content for maximum efficiency.

4.    Time Your Content Just Right

Once you’ve solved the more delicate issues of what you’re putting out there, and who you’re putting it out for, the next step is to actually publish it online. Your timing can have a major impact on its effectiveness. You’ll want to find the exact time frame when your potential customers are going to see it and have the time and willingness to read it.

Spacing out your content output can become a very time-consuming task if you’re not using automated programs to do that for you, especially if you’re working across multiple channels. There’s a lot of room for error, so using a SaaS that’s specifically created to handle this task, like Batch for example, can save you a lot of trouble in the long-run.

5.    Nurture Leads Before Conversion

Nurtured leads are much more profitable than non-nurtured leads. In fact, there are quite a lot of reasons why you should invest in lead nurturing. Many companies probably neglect this strategy probably because it’s very costly, and can be time-consuming. But luckily, you can draw all of the benefits of nurtured leads, without the hassle, using dedicated programs, like MakesBridge, that make sure all of your potential customers stay engaged, and interested.

6.    Encourage Your Visitors to Stay Longer

People need some time before they decide whether to make a purchase or not. The more you can keep them on your site, without being annoying, the more likely it is that you can turn this engagement into profit. There are many solutions out there that can keep your visitors browsing more on your site, either by predicting what content might appeal to them more, or simply offering them more things they might be interested in when their attention starts to wander. One such program, Picreel, is specifically designed to recover abandoning visitors.

7.    Optimize Your Content for Multi-Platform Engagement

If you’ve managed to produce content that attracts valuable leads, you’re going to want to maximize its potential. However, simply dropping it into an app is not going to be enough. There are services that can help you optimize your content for use on multiple platforms, such as OneSpot. That way, your content can have an even wider reach, and you can get more out of it.

8.    Do Your Research

Any marketing strategy requires a lot of research. Tried and tested methods are definitely valuable, but you have to adapt to your needs, and customer base, if you want to get the most out of them. Research is very time-consuming, so if you want to speed up the process, find a SaaS that can help you out. From keyword research to marketing trends, there are plenty of services that offer everything from general, all-encompassing research tools that can collect and analyze data gathered from your customer’s interaction with your content to more specific things for more efficient targeting. Adobe Campaign is one such inclusive solution, but there are plenty more to choose from.

9.    Thank Your Loyal Customers

Building a strong relationship with your customers is the key to long-term business success. Marketers should work not only to attract new customers, but they should also find ways to keep them. SaaS tools, like Tango Card, can help you manage customer loyalty programs, offer rewards, and adapt your offers to make your customers come back for more. It shows your customers you truly care about them, and you’re willing to do everything it takes to see them satisfied – this is an under-utilised approach within digital marketing strategies.

10. Ask for Referrals and Feedback

Marketers should also consider getting feedback from their customers so the business strategy can align with their needs and interest. Customer referrals are a great way to build trust in your brand since potential leads are usually influenced by what other customers have to say. Often, marketers find it difficult to ask for feedback or referrals, either because they feel it’s somewhat intrusive, or simply because they can’t find the right phrasing to do so.

Automated programs, such as Houston, can be quite useful in this respect, since they can ask for feedback without these dilemmas, in a timely fashion. And they can also help you store, and sort through that data, so it’s always at your disposal.

Digital Marketing Strategies & SaaS solutions

Digital marketing can have a major impact on your company’s success. You can now reach a wider audience, across multiple channels. As the number of users increases, and with them, the amount of data that is being produced, implementing SaaS solutions to handle the workload is going to be absolutely vital if you want to make the most of your digital marketing strategies.

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