Picreel, has added 2-way CRM integration

Online PR News – RENO, NV – Conversion rate optimization (CRO) software company, Picreel, has added 2-way CRM integration to their exit intent popup and native ad software. The addition allows Picreel users to personalize their targeted ads even further.

Picreel is the first product of its kind to utilize customer relationship management (CRM) meta data this way. Captured leads can be passed in real-time to more than 300 CRM tools to trigger follow up campaigns and sales activity and turn visitors into buyers and subscribers. “2-way CRM integration means our customers’ ads can be highly targeted and personalized for both email responders and return visitors.

While lead passing is not unique to Picreel, our ability to leverage meta data to personalize ads gives us a leadership position. We have invested in more CRM integrations than any other CRO tool so we can make the API connection for almost any new customer.

What really sets Picreel apart, however, is the new personalization functionality; it recognizes responders and return visitors for CRO retargeting which is something that has not been done before,” noted Kevin Petersen, CEO of Picreel (www.picreel.com).

The software is so effective that many Picreel users report a 25% or greater improvement in their conversion rates after using the software. Email list growth reportedly accelerates by as much as 70%. “Picreel has demystified the process of CRO for a lot of our customers.

Many companies shied away from CRO because they thought it was too complicated, but our program is so simple to use anyone can do it. There is no coding experience required. Users literally enter a few bits of data into a form and the program does the rest. It’s very easy and very effective. We’ve seen client campaigns on our platform return positive ROI in as little as six days from launch,” said Petersen.

Picreel offers a wide range of templates for lead capture, special promotions, and surveys that are optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers. For companies unsure if they have the time to launch a CRO campaign, Picreel offers a Quick Start campaign path that helps new clients launch their first campaigns within minutes.

The company also offers a full service campaign management option where clients can contract the CRO experts at Picreel to design and run their campaigns to convert website traffic for them. Learn more about Picreel or sign up for a free 30-day trial at www.picreel.com.

About Picreel.com: Picreel is a conversion rate optimization software company with 10 years of experience helping website owners get more customers with fully customizable pop-up overlays, surveys and links that capture website visitors before they leave a site.

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