Picreel And Zapier Team Up To Deliver Complete Internet Marketing And Task Management Solutions

The two platforms work hand-in-hand to connect apps and automate workflows, sending new leads gathered through Picreel to Zapier apps that manage workflow.

Online PR News – 19-December-2016 – RENO, NV – Picreel and Zapier have aligned their services to provide comprehensive marketing, task management, and workflow solutions to users. The combined services will make it easier for users of both services to track and manage sales leads and customers while eliminating much of the data entry work.

Zapier specializes in workflow automation, connecting and moving information between web-based apps automatically. Picreel is a conversion rate optimization service that can send leads to email, CRM, or marketing automation platforms. Together, the two services can integrate data across more than 750 popular online services, including MailChimp, Google, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

“This integration will save businesses a lot of time. Even though we have computers, apps, and technology to capture leads and others to manage customer databases, we haven’t had a way to quickly and easily transfer those leads from app to app or from program to program. Now, using Picreel and Zapier apps, users can do just that, and best of all, it can be set up to happen automatically,” explained Kevin Petersen, CEO of PicReel (www.picreel.com).

The seamless integration of Picreel and Zapier is made even more attractive by its ease of use. Set-up takes just minutes, there is no need for special coding or programming, and it’s free up to a certain volume. The leads captured through Picreel can be sent to multiple web services and databases and users need nothing more than a Picreel account and a Zapier account to get started.

“The Picreel-Zapier integration makes Picreel that much more functional for users. What used to require manual importing and exporting can now be done automatically, across multiple databases and programs. Businesses can move forward with their new leads much more quickly and start seeing results sooner,” noted Petersen.

Picreel has revolutionized the way businesses capture new website leads. The CRO software pinpoints the moment a website user is about to leave a page and immediately serves up a targeted offer or ad that helps direct the visitor to take an action. These exit offers re-engage web traffic and allow businesses to capture valuable contact information. Picreel offered customizable design templates so users can create offers as needed, without relying on designers and developers for assistance. Real-time data about customer visits and actions provide a clear picture of which offers are having the most success.

To learn more about Picreel or to sign up, visit www.picreel.com. Visit www.zapier.com to start a free Zapier trial.

About Picreel: Picreel is a conversion rate optimization software company with 10 years experience helping website owners get more customers with fully customizable pop-up overlays, surveys and links that capture website visitors before they leave a site.

About Zapier: Zapier is dedicated to helping automate the most tedious parts of day to day computer work by empowering businesses to create processes and systems that let computers do what they are best at doing and let humans do what they are best at doing.

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